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1 Setsumi's illness
Setsumi's illness is a mystery; not enough information is given to firmly influence the reader to one diagnosis or another, but a few of the more likely diagnoses -- congenital cardiac anomaly, hematogenous malignancy of childhood, cystic fibrosis, systemic lupus erythematosus -- are given above.
The fact that she has hair that long would tend to speak against someone with a malignancy; the fact that she has large postsurgical scars that are fairly new in origin (surgery for the repair of a congenital cardiac anomaly would happen very early in life) would tend to speak against a congenital cardiac anomaly; the fact that she looks thin and frail would tend to speak against systemic lupus erythematosus. Therefore, among the differential diagnoses mentioned above, it is probable that Setsumi suffers from an intractable cystic fibrosis, had lung transplantation fairly early on, and did better than anyone could have expected with it.
Even so, this is a fairly shaky diagnosis, even on the best of days.

4.2 The protagonist's illness
No argument here -- the protagonist suffers from a relentless non-small-cell lung carcinoma. He is status post partial pneumonectomy (which as done with the intention to cure the cancer), but his cancer has metastasized. He was put on Iressa, but it did not do very much good for him. And now here he is, devoid of any other treatment options.
There is only one very concerning thing here, and that is the fact that this young man is 20 years old. It is vanishingly rare that someone of this age would have any kind of cancer at all, let alone a non-small-cell lung carcinoma. However, as noted above, such cases do happen -- they just happen to be about as common as hens' teeth.

一位来自密执安医学院的四年级大学生Seung Park,给出的答案是这样的

S女士患的是囊性纤维病变(一种欧美人很常见的遗传病),而“我”则是non-small-cell lung carcinoma(貌似译为带有肺泡小室间隔缺损的肺癌)
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